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The Barrier-Free trademark logo was registered with the Industrial Property Office in 2006 by KAZUIST, spol. s r.o., Třinec. BARRIER-FREE is a certified mark awarded to barrier-free facilities providing accommodation and catering services (the mark is not relevant for tourism attractions and tracks because of a different assessment methodology). A facility identified by the Barrier-Free mark is suitable for people with locomotive, visual and/or hearing impairments in terms of services provided. The mark is valid for 2 years.

Why apply for it?

  1. Addressing more clients
    Disabled people can extend your current range of clients. They are loyal customers, preferring to travel in groups and domestic destinations. They also represent a large group of people – approximately 10 % of the population.  Accessible service and premises are also preferred by seniors and families with small children.
  2. Overtaking competitors 
    Accessibility is rarely used by tourism providers as a tool of competition. Due to the aging population, increasing social responsibility and still hidden commercial potential of customers with specific needs, 'tourism for all' becomes a frequent topic and best practice examples attract attention of professionals and general public.
  3. Promotion
    The mark and therefore its holders are promoted among organisations associating the disabled, at thematic conferences and seminars, on the website, etc. The mark holders can use it within their own promotion actions.
  4. Responsibility towards the surroundings (building the image)
    The mark shows that its holder also thinks of those who have, for objective reasons, a more complicated life, contributes to more favourable conditions for travelling and spending their free time and thus stimulates their social integration.
  5. Free of charge
    Accessibility monitoring and other relevant activities are from the beginning co-financed from public resources (EU funds, regional budget) and therefore the certification has been and still is free of charge for you!

How to obtain it?

The mark is awarded to accommodation and catering facility owners or operators  after completing the certification process, in case their facility complies with the defined accessibility criteria.

Would you employ a trained wheelchair user as a professional advisor for accessibility and communication with clients with special needs in your facility?
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Colour of the sector – suitability of the facility for the disability concerned:
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