30.06.2015 - Těšín Silesia for all

Project Těšín Silesia for all - this czech-polish project came to an end, which means that in the part „Tourist premises & Routes“ you will find 20 new tourist attractions in Cieszyn Silesia, mostly on the Polish side of the region. Summer time is for many people associated with travelling. So perhaps the new tips on trips come in handy. They include not only traditional facilities such as museums or churches, but for the first time in the database appears e.g. ski jump site, design centre, sport facilitiy, chair lift etc. Not all of them are fully accessible, but you can evaluate it yourself on the basis of available information (so far only in czech and polish). You can also download accessibility information in PDF format.

This project was implemented by the Regional Council for development and cooperation based in Třinec together with Polish partner Powiat Cieszyński. Project (reg. No. 3.22/3.3.05/13.03997) was co-financed under the Operational programme Cross-border cooperation Czech Republic-Poland 2007-2013 within Microprojects Fund Euroregion Cieszyn Silesia - Śląsk Cieszyński. 

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